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In the two years it has taken Stuart Tolley) Graphic Design tutor at the University of Brighton) to research, write, design, photograph and produce Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Design, ( we have entered a new era of music and publishing – the streaming era.

The growth in popularity of the streaming sites Spotity and the imminent arrival of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited – mistakenly announced to the world earlier this month – has allowed subscribers to access millions of releases, without even owning them.

Stuart believes this new era can be positive for graphic design, as more emphasis will be placed on beautiful design and the innovative production of physical releases. Collector’s Edition isn’t anti-digital – many items featured combine download technology – and is a showcase for creativity and originality. The examples featured are conversation starters and, in many cases, produced on limited budgets to make a connection between artist and audience. They are the opposite end of the spectrum to streaming and this is why I believe we are about to enter a golden age for innovative music, book and magazine physical releases.