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“I got into design kind of by accident,” explains London-based graphic designer Jonathan Isaacson. Despite studying illustration at Brighton, Jonathan admits he became far more inspired by the work his friends were producing across the discipline bridge in graphic design, an area which appeared like “it was as much about the idea as it was about the final outcome,” he tells It’s Nice That.

Thankfully the course structure at Brighton intermixes graphic design and illustration students under one umbrella, allowing the designer to “move away from what would typically be seen as illustration,” he explains. “Brighton was great for this because it allowed for a more fluid interpretation of what it was to be an illustrator or graphic designer.” After graduating Jonathan took a leap and decided to apply for a bunch of jobs, “I thought fuck it and just applied for design jobs until someone was willing take a chance on the weird graphic design/illustration hybrid practice I had going on at the time.”

Full interview appears at Its Nice That