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Illustration alumni from the class of 2013 launch Peapod Press Zine.

Rosie Brand, creator of Wizard & Soft Pig, will be here with a host of contributors to Hear Ye See Ye, her new anthology produced in association with Friends in the Dungeon and on Thursday September 6th, 7-9pm!

LA-based British artist Rosie, whose Wizard and Soft Pig was one of the highlights of the Spring/Summer Short Box releases, is passing through town for Thought Bubble, and the timing is perfect to launch her new anthology, with an absolutely incredible line-up. Check out this list of contributors:

Rosie Brand, Nick Edwards, Disa Wallander, Charlene Man, Charlotte Mei, Jack Teagle, Dave Mcmillan, Jayde Perkin, Matthew Pettit, Jack Sachs, Joseph Gamble, Ed Cheverton, Marianna Madriz, Rachel Mcgivern, Alice Bowsher, Luke Pearson, Jonny Clapham, Grace Helmer, Aisling Marray & Marlena Synchyshyn!